28 апр. 2012 г.

Scorpions night

Yesterday I was very lucky to listen to the legen(wait a sec)dary Scorpions LIVE! They performed their "...Final Sting" show. 
It's such a pity that we have to say good bye to the band, but as the wise say - 
be clever enough to leave your throne in time.
 I remember the Scorpions' songs since my childhood but I honestly didn't know that those songs were by this band - so I was very surprised and happy to be THERE and listen to this great music,
to watch the musicians play, rock and give the immense amount of energy!
The show was opened by the band called "Blind Trust" - I haven't heard about those guys. They were not bad actually, but not as energetic as the Scorpions were :)

Вчера вечером мне посчастливилось слушать леген(подожди-подожди)дарных Scorpions живьем! Они выступали со своим заключительным турне "...Final Sting". 
Очень жаль, что мы должны попрощаться с этой группой, но как говорится, нужно быть достаточно умным, чтобы вовремя покинуть свой трон.
Я с самого детства помню песни Scorpions, правда до некоторого времени я даже и не подозревала, что те самые песни были их =) Так что я была приятно удивлена и конечно счастлива быть ТАМ и слушать ту самую великую музыку, видеть, как музыканты играют, жгут и шедро отдают свою энергию.
Шоу открывала группа Blind Trust - я о таковой слышала первый раз. Они, честно говоря, были неплохи, но конечно, не такие энергичные как Scorpions :)

blind trust

blind trust

blind trust






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caise комментирует...

oh lucky you!:)

katiespirations@go2.pl комментирует...

so great to be there :)

nastya_said комментирует...

oh yeaaah they were amazing!

nastya_said комментирует...

it's just unbelievable!!

Giovanna комментирует...

Great photos! Looks like a fun event!


Raindrops of Sapphire комментирует...

WOW! How lucky are you! That looks like such a fun time! Concerts are always amazing! I like your blog, hopefully you can stop by and check mine out too :) :)


Lyosha комментирует...

it was a great show although I feel a little sad I didn't know you where there. and I also should've wrote about the Reconstruction event when I knew. Hard to get used to have a nice blogger around :)

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Olga комментирует...

I hope you had a good time!

Alexa комментирует...

looks like an awesome time!


Diana Markus комментирует...

Scorpions are the legend! Thanks for stopping by my blog. By the way, I am already your follower ;)

nastya_said комментирует...

oh that's right :) I'm your new follower now :)

nastya_said комментирует...

it really was!

nastya_said комментирует...

no, not good - AMAZING!

nastya_said комментирует...

aww, nevertheless I'm sure we'll meet each other sooner or later accidentally and this will be a great surprise :)

nastya_said комментирует...

thanks a lot, you've got a nice blog too!


nastya_said комментирует...

exactly :)

Yuli Conversations комментирует...

Вот как класно! Glad you had fun! :D


Vivid Virginia комментирует...

Those are so cool!

Sara Bow комментирует...

You look great :D


Emily комментирует...

Great photos! Love your outfit.

Jessica комментирует...

Thank you very much for your comment!


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Olga комментирует...

Following you!! I hope you'll follow me back!

yiqin; комментирует...

nice <3

S4SisterStyle комментирует...

hi nice blog follow us if you like our blog and we will follow you too!


Fydez комментирует...

This looks like one hell of a concert! Cool and fun. X